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What Does NOHR Money Buy?
March, 2010 by Geraldine Dietz Fox

Having recently returned from the annual Association for Researchers in Otolaryngology (ARO) meeting, I was gratified by the numbers of researchers who came up to me to thank me for their NOHR grant and share with me what it had meant to them.

My foundation, the National Organization for Hearing Research, gives grants annually for $20,000 to auditory scientists so that they have the opportunity to explore and try out new ideas. NOHR is counting on researchers to envision and follow paths not yet taken. We are confident investigators will discover steps that will lead to cures for hearing loss and deafness, and create solutions that could lead to treatments, causes, and preventions of a disorder that plagues 40 million Americans.

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What Did the NOHR Grant Do for Scientists� Careers?
March, 2010 by Dr. James Saunders

In 2008-2009 former NOHR grantees were contacted and asked about the scientific productivity and knowledge that emerged from their NOHR Foundation research grants. The response was impressive. Almost half of the grantees that could be identified responded (approximately 170 of 360).

They were asked to provide citations of meeting presentations.

222 presentations at national meetings were reported.

They were asked for citations of publications and for reprints for NOHR�s permanent records.

In this sample, slightly over three publications per NOHR award were produced, or a total of 332 . A substantial number of these publications appeared in the most prestigious journals in the fields of Biomedical Science, Neuroscience and Hearing Science.

Grantees were asked were asked for letters indicating the impact NOHR research funding had on their science and on their career advancement.

Their letters of appreciation powerfully reflected the importance this research support had on their scientific and professional futures. The award allowed NOHR investigators to jump-start or advance their science, early in their career path. Over and over, there were comments to the effect that the award instilled confidence in our grantees that their ideas were valuable and important. This served as an early motivator for them to persist in their scientific careers. Researchers often comment that the award played an important role in advancing their academic careers at their respective Universities. Many researchers also noted that the NOHR funds permitted the early support of students who, in turn, went on to pursue careers in Hearing Science.

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Hear! Hear! Volume 1
NOHR Newsletter Autumn 2009
(Download/View PDF)

�Grants provided by NOHR provide a critical niche in the funding of scientific research. A conundrum for a new researcher is that the majority of governmental funded grants require significant preliminary data; however, it is nearly impossible to collect this data without funds. The NOHR Foundation provides scientists such as myself with funds to pursue innovative and exploratory avenues of research.�
�comment from 2008 NOHR Grantee

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Since 1988, the National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation has donated $10 million for 520 projects.
Nearly 42 million Americans suffer from some form of communication disorder.

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