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Informative article about hearing-loss screening in January 2013 issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch

“Should you be screened for a hearing problem?” When to get tested so you don’t miss out on the sounds around you “What?” How often do you have to ask this one-word question during conversations? If the answer is often, … Continue reading

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Insights into deafness in award-winning play

I love to see plays and I also love to read them. I picked up a copy of Amy Herzog’s “4,000 Miles,” which I believe won an OBIE.To briefly quote the plot: After suffering a major loss while on a … Continue reading

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Hearing Aid Batteries-Important Assets

The author of an audiology blog discusses this essential hearing aid component. Read the article here:

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Reflections About Tinnitus

Friday I came home from the office, had a cup of hot tea to relax and turned on television to find a early 1940′s movie or episode about a Dr. Kildare, played by Lew Ayres, with Lionel Barrymore as Dr. … Continue reading

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